Ontario Family Practice Nurses By-Laws


1.     The name of this organization shall be ONTARIO FAMILY PRACTICE NURSES


2.     The objectives of this group shall be:

a)    To represent the interest of nurses concerned with family practice;

b)    To promote the quality of family practice nursing by providing mechanisms for the exchange of knowledge and information;

c)     To provide up to date information relevant to family practice nursing to improve knowledge base;

d)    To provide a forum for networking;

e)    To discuss common concerns in the area of family practice nursing;

f)     To act as nurse resource for individulas or groups on issues concerning family practice nursing.


3.     Membership in the group shall be open to all nurses with an interest in family practice/office nursing

4.     The group must have at least the majority of its members as RNAO members with at least four RNAO regions having members residing therein.

5.     Application for membership may be either in conjunction with the RNAO membership form or separately.

6.     Associated membership within the group is available as determined from time to time by the OFPN executive to nurses in family practice not registered in Ontario

7.     Members will be required to pay an annual fee as determined by the group.

8.     Membership renewal shall be required annually, but the 31st day of October

9.     All members in good standing are eligible to vote.


10.  There shall be an Executive Committee consisting of the following officers:

a)    Chairperson

b)    Vice Chairperson

c)     Secretary

d)    Treasurer

e)    Past Chairperson

And all such other officers as may be determined necessary by the group of members.  All of the above shall be encouraged to be RNAO members.


11.  The Executive Committee shall:

a)    Co-ordinate and administer the affairs of the group including finances

b)    A fund shall be established by the Executive Committee to provide seed money for satellite workshops and bi-annual conferences


12.  The Executive Committee shall meet at least twice each year, at such times and place as the committee shall determine

13.  Additional meetings of the Executive Committee may be held upon the resolution of the committee or the call of the Chair.


14.  Notice of the time and place of the Executive Committee shall be contained in the minutes of the preceding executive committee meeting or sent to members of the executive committee 30 days prior to the meeting.


15.  The quorum at the meeting shall be 50% of the Officers.


16.  Voting shall be by a show of hands, unless the Chairperson of the meeting directs otherwise.  If necessary, executive members may be contacted by telephone to record their vote.


17.  In the event that an officer should cease to act, the executive committee shall appoint a person from the membership to fill such office for such unexpired term until an election can be arranged at the next annual meeting.


18.  Elections shall be held at the general meeting every second year or as required to fill the vacancy in alternate years.


19.  A call for nominations shall be issued in the newsletter or by letter sent at least 30 days prior to the General Meeting.

20.  Two group members shall nominate candidates for office by mail or from the floor.

21.  Candidates for nomination must give verbal or written consent.


22.  The membership shall elect the number of persons necessary to render an Executive Committee of a minimum of 4 officers, plus the Past Chairperson if such an office exists.


23.  Officers shall hold office until the Executive Committee meeting following the general meeting in which the executive member is replaced.


24.  The members of the group may, by resolution passed by at least two-thirds of the votes cast at a general meeting of which notice specifying the intention to pass such a resolution has been given, remove any officer before expiration of her/his term of office; and may, by a majority of the votes cast at the meeting, elect any person in her/his stead for the remainder of the term.


25.  The CHAIRPERSON shall:

a)    Preside at all meetings of the group and the executive committee

b)    Be or designate a member to the Assembly of Presidents of RNAO

c)     Exercise general direction and supervision over the affairs of the group

d)    Be responsible for the agenda, changes in it and new business for meetings

e)    Present an Annual Report

26.  The VICE-CHAIRPERSON shall:

a)    Perform such duties as may be assigned by the executive committee or the Chairperson

b)    In the absence of the Chairperson, perform the duties of the chairperson

27.  The SECRETARY shall:

a)    Keep records of all proceedings of the group, oncluding a record of all meetings of the group and the Executive Committee

b)    Send a copy of the minutes to the RNAO office

c)     Cause notice of the meetings and agendas to be sent to members for general meetings

d)    Conduct the general correspondence of the group

28.  The TREASURER shall:

a)    Keep a record of all monies received and expended,

b)    Issue and sign cheques, with one other officer, payment of expenditures, authorized by the Executive Committee

c)     Place funds in the bank,

d)    Send vouchers, bank passbooks and bookkeeping records to the RNAO office when instructed to do so,

e)    Report, at the request of the Chairperson, the state of the finances,

f)     Prepare the annual budget

29.  The PAST-CHAIRPERSON shall:

a)    Advise the Executive Committee concerning past activities,

b)    Assist the Executive committee as requested by the Chairperson


30.  The group shall hold a general meeting at the Biennial Family Practice Nurses Conference

31.  Additional general meetings of the group may be called at any time and place at the discretion of the Executive Committee


32.  Notice of the time and place of the general meeting shall appear in the newsletter preceding such meeting.


33.  At least ten group members present at a general meeting shall constitute a quorum


34.  Any two officers may sign contracts, documents or other instruments in writing requiring execution by the group.  The Executive Committee may also from time to time appoint any one or more officers to sign specific instruments on behalf of the group.  Such contracts do not bind RNAO.


35.  The fiscal year of the group shall end on the 31st day of October in each year, to correspond with the RNAO’s fiscal year.


36.  The Executive Committee shall have the power to create such committees as it may deem advisable.



37.  Formation:

a)    Satellite groups may be formed upon formal application with the approval of the Executive Committee of the group

b)    The minimum number of the group required to establish the satellite group shall be ten members.

c)     Satellite groups shall adopt the objectives and by-laws of the OFPN.

38.  Dissolution: The Executive Committee may, if it considers it in the best interests of the group to do so, dissolve any satellite group if:

a)    Such satellite group ceases to function; or

b)    The majority of the satellite group members of such satellite have indicated to the satellite executive committee, their desire to dissolve the satellite group.  The final role of the satellite executive shall be to dissolve the satellite group.

39.  Area and Name:  The name of such Satellite group shall indicate the area they represent.

40.  Funding:

a)    The OFPN Executive Committee shall collect a fixed, per capita membership fee annually.  This amount will be proposed by the Executive and approved by the membership at the Biennial General Meeting

b)    Upon dissolution of the satellite group, a financial plan for the disbursement of remaining funds shall be provided to the Executive Committee of the OFPN.

c)     Any non-allocated funds shall be forwarded to the Treasurer of the OFPN.


41.  These by-laws may be amended at a general meeting of the group by a majority of the votes cast, provided that notice of such meeting advises that such amendments will be dealt with at the meeting.

Revised May 25th, 2002 at Biennial General Meeting in Ottawa.

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